7 Mar 2011


copy-cat dr Petfinder:

Hi All,

Last Saturday, whilst at Klinik Kembiri for spaying strays under 'Snip Program', me and CikLola managed to rescue two beautiful siamese cats. Both are females and one of them had just given birth! Imagine the cat gave birth in a very cramped cage with more or less than 10 cats inside. I was afraid for the babies safety so I pleaded with the Officer in charge to let me have them. After much pleading and coaxing, I managed to rescue the two siamese cats. There are still a lot of beautiful semi long haired cats at SPCA. Please save them before they are Put to Sleep (PTS). 

Back to the story, anyone interested to adopt the siamese cats please contact me (kak Nurul) at 012 611 3258. However the siamese with babies will remain with me first until her babies are bigger. The other one may go first. Both are chocolate seal point siamese with the bluest eyes you have seen.

Please give them a home. Also an adoption fee of RM15.00 will be imposed as this is the amount I paid to DBKL for their release.

Thank you.

gambar xde sbb iklan tersebot haku copy-cat dr Petfinder.
tp kalo x silap, ade pic kucen tersebot ciklola tag kat haku nyer FB
tp x bleh nak save pic tuh sbb dr 2-5pm, FB kat
opis haku nih kne block!!. tp kucen tersebut mmg sgt2 lawa!!
utk keterangan lanjut, bleh hubungi kak Nurul kat no hp di atas.

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